What Is Noun and Verb Agreement

Noun and verb agreement is an important concept in grammar that ensures clarity and consistency in a sentence. It refers to the agreement between the subject (noun) and the verb in terms of number and tense.

Simply put, when we use a singular noun as the subject of a sentence, we need to use a singular verb, and when we use a plural noun, we need to use a plural verb. For example, “The cat chases the mouse” is correct, but “The cat chase the mouse” is incorrect because the subject “cat” is singular, but the verb “chase” is plural.

Similarly, when we use a present tense verb, we need to use a present tense subject, and when we use a past tense verb, we need to use a past tense subject. For example, “She sings a song” is correct, but “She sing a song” is incorrect because the present tense subject “she” needs a present tense verb “sings.”

Noun and verb agreement becomes more complicated when dealing with collective nouns, which are singular in form but represent a group of people or things, such as “team,” “family,” or “government.” In these cases, the verb can be either singular or plural, depending on how we want to emphasize the group as a whole or the individuals within it. For example, “The team is playing well” emphasizes the group as a whole, while “The team are wearing their new jerseys” emphasizes the individuals within the group.

Another tricky aspect of noun and verb agreement is when dealing with compound subjects, which are two or more nouns joined by “and.” In this case, we use a plural verb because the subject is plural, even if the individual nouns are singular. For example, “John and Mary are going to the movies” is correct because the compound subject “John and Mary” is plural.

In conclusion, noun and verb agreement is a fundamental concept in grammar that helps to ensure clarity and consistency in our writing. By paying attention to the number and tense of the subject and verb, we can create sentences that are grammatically correct and easy to understand.

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